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We don't have a particularly large garage, and we do anything we can to try and conserve space. The old garage door had quite a wide swinging hinge, which meant there was a large area where we could not store anything. We have recently switched to a slimline garage door, which rolls up overhead and has a much smaller profile overall. Not only do we have more space, but the new garage door also looks great and has made the whole garage look nicer. This blog is all about new options for garage doors with slimline profiles and modern styling.

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Slimline garage doors

Tips to Winterizing Your Garage Doors

by Tyrone Cooper

During the winter, the temperatures can drop. These frigid temperatures can pose a risk of damage to your garage doors and opener, which would lead to undue wear and tear during these months. If you would like to avoid unnecessary repairs, it would be essential to consider winterizing your garage doors. Additionally, winterizing your garage doors will also prolong their longevity, as they will have an extra layer of protection all year round. So what are some of the tips that you could employ for successful winterizing of your garage doors?

Tip 1: Give your garage doors a deep clean

Before you can embark on winterizing your garage doors, you need to ensure that they are thoroughly clean. If there is too much oil on the garage doors or if the grease has hardened over time, it increases the chances of misalignment. Therefore, it would be essential to ensure any old lubrication has been completely removed and replaced with a lighter, silicone-based lubricant that will yield better results when operating your garage doors. After cleaning your doors, it is also prudent to clean out the garage and seal the floor. This sealant will work to prevent any ice from causing damage to the garage floor.

Tip 2: Install weather-stripping on the garage doors

The second tip to winterizing your garage doors would be making them weatherproof. Weather-stripping can be installed as a DIY project, or you could call the professionals to ensure that it is done correctly. The weather-stripping functions to make sure that any crevices that may have developed between the doorframe and the garage doors are adequately sealed. It should be noted that weather-stripping will deteriorate over time due to the constant opening and closing of the garage doors. Thus, it would be advisable to routinely inspect the condition of the weather-stripping and have it replaced if it shows signs of becoming brittle or cracking.

Tip 3: Ensure the garage has adequate ventilation

When it comes to protecting the garage doors from damage, homeowners tend to focus on keeping the moisture from breaching the doors. However, one thing some people do not realise is that moisture will still form as condensation. If the condensate cannot evaporate at a fast rate, there will be future water damage.  Therefore, it is important to ensure that the garage is well ventilated to prevent this condensation from posing the risk of mould, decay and other types of moisture damage.