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We don't have a particularly large garage, and we do anything we can to try and conserve space. The old garage door had quite a wide swinging hinge, which meant there was a large area where we could not store anything. We have recently switched to a slimline garage door, which rolls up overhead and has a much smaller profile overall. Not only do we have more space, but the new garage door also looks great and has made the whole garage look nicer. This blog is all about new options for garage doors with slimline profiles and modern styling.

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Slimline garage doors

Essential safety and security considerations: garage door installation & repairs

by Tyrone Cooper

Garage doors keep your home and vehicle secure, in addition to providing draught proofing and savings on energy consumption. If well chosen, in keeping with the architectural design of the building and properly fitted, the right garage door installation can also add value to the property in the event of a future sale. 

However, as these fittings are large in size and significant in weight, safety is an important consideration to prevent injury. Press-button controls should be installed out of reach of young children, whom it is best not to allow to play with the door. In addition, experts recommend monthly checks of manual and automatic garage doors for telltale signs of wear and tear. Defects that are resolved promptly tend to involve less inconvenience and expense.

The conscientious homeowner can take additional measures. Beware of too many objects stored or otherwise placed too closely to the door; this might hamper its free movement through the usual range of operation. If the system has an automatic reverse safety feature, check its correct functioning from time to time by putting a roll of paper towels in the way. If the protection mechanism is working correctly, the door will stop closing when it makes contact with the roll—and reverse its movement to open again.

DIY repairs may be undertaken in certain circumstances with caution. However, electrical components of the doors and tension springs or cables are best handled by a garage door repair professional to avoid injury and prevent long-term safety hazards—quite apart from the stress factor!

One of the most frequent repairs is replacing broken springs—a defect which is immediately noticeable due to reduced tension and heavier operation. A garage door repair specialist will know how to replace the spring correctly so that it supports the weight of the door and enables easier opening. When contacting the repair company, it is useful to have some information about the manufacturer or model name and type. These details can usually be found on a printed label located inside the doorframe. In some cases, the garage door technician may be able to offer the possibility of an immediate repair on site. Alternatively, on some occasions, replacement mechanisms may need to be specially ordered to complete the job. 

Alternatively, should you decide on a new replacement—perhaps to update the look of your property—a good garage door installation service will probably offer the option of an electric motor for power-assisted operation. This provides all the convenience of remote control at the touch of a button, with no need to get out of the car on dark or cold winter nights. High-quality systems feature superior technology for stable, quiet running and are virtually maintenance free; additionally, sturdy security latches operate automatically to resist break-ins.