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We don't have a particularly large garage, and we do anything we can to try and conserve space. The old garage door had quite a wide swinging hinge, which meant there was a large area where we could not store anything. We have recently switched to a slimline garage door, which rolls up overhead and has a much smaller profile overall. Not only do we have more space, but the new garage door also looks great and has made the whole garage look nicer. This blog is all about new options for garage doors with slimline profiles and modern styling.

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Slimline garage doors

3 Tips That Should Be A Priority In Your Care And Maintenance Plan For Automatic Gates

by Tyrone Cooper

Some of the inherent benefits that come with installing automatic gates include increased privacy and security, better curb appeal and increase in property value. All these benefits make automatic gates a great investment.

Automatic gates are long-lasting and require minimal maintenance.  Performing routine maintenance now and then will ensure that your system performs at its best, not just in the here and now, but for a long time, since proper maintenance extends your gate's useful life.

1. Keep Your Gate Clean

A good wash and waxing every couple of months can keep your gate looking its best. Allowing a buildup of debris and dust to sit on your gate is not only an eyesore, but these deposits may affect the functionality of the gate, especially if they sit on mechanical parts such as the hinges. Waxing will provide a layer of protection against the elements and keep your gate looking as good as when you first had it installed.

2. Clean Out And Seal Your Electrical Box/Cabinet

Your electrical cabinet can be a perfect nesting area for pests and small animals.  The activities of these unwanted visitors can cause short-circuiting and failure of your electrical wiring. They may bring in some debris, leave waste on the cables and chew on the wiring, all of which will interfere with the normal electrical function and cause malfunctioning of your entire system.

Ensuring that the cabinet is well sealed will prevent dust, dirt and water from getting into the cabinet and affecting the integrity of the wiring housed inside the box.

3. Keep Your Gate Lubricated

An automatic gate, like any electro-mechanical system, requires lubrication to function well and prolong its life. Lubrication is a key part of the maintenance plan for unsealed automatic gates.  Of particular interest should be the mechanical or moving parts, which includes the hinges and the chain.   Manufacturers advise against the use of grease for lubrication because it is heavy and attracts dirt and dust.  Recommended alternatives include white lithium grease as well as oil and silicon-based lubricants.

Preventive maintenance is always a lot more cost-effective compared to waiting for problems to appear that call for repairs and corrective maintenance.  Automatic gates, regardless of the make and model, are generally not very demanding when it comes to maintenance, but regular touchups are always recommended. With these tips and any other recommendations from an automatic gates expert and fence contractor, you can keep your gate looking and performing its best for a long time.