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We don't have a particularly large garage, and we do anything we can to try and conserve space. The old garage door had quite a wide swinging hinge, which meant there was a large area where we could not store anything. We have recently switched to a slimline garage door, which rolls up overhead and has a much smaller profile overall. Not only do we have more space, but the new garage door also looks great and has made the whole garage look nicer. This blog is all about new options for garage doors with slimline profiles and modern styling.

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Slimline garage doors

5 Advantages of Installing Rolling Garage Doors

by Tyrone Cooper

If you are considering installing a door for your garage, you need to pay special attention to roller doors. Despite the multiple choices available in the market currently, rolling garage doors stand out for having the strength and security features needed for your modern home. Outlined here are the benefits you will gain from installing roller doors.

Save Space

Due to their ergonomic design, they require very little space inside the garage, making them ideal even for small homes with a small driveway. Roller doors also open vertically, enabling you to place your car close to the door while still leaving you space in the garage that you can utilize as extra storage.

Enhance Security

Roller doors are fitted with door openers that allow for automatic and remote control operations, boosting your home security and still managing to have that modern feel at the same time. By installing these doors, you eliminate the risk of being ambushed when leaving your car to physically open or close doors. They make it difficult for burglars to target your driveway as an entry point to your premises because you get to control the doors remotely.

Enhance the Aesthetic

If not installed according to your colour or style preferences, garage doors can easily turn into an eyesore for being out of sync with the rest of your home. This is why installing roller garage doors will serve you better, as they come in an array of colours, designs and styles to match your preferred colour scheme while increasing your home's overall kerb appeal.

Minimize Heat Loss

Roller doors are fully fitted with rubber seals and are insulated to significantly reduce the amount of heat lost due to your garage. This enables you to comfortably work from your garage even during chilly conditions. The insulation is also a great feature that helps reduce noise from inside and outside the garage that may be caused by strong winds.

Increase the Durability

Roller doors offer reinforced protection, being made from corrugated sheets that are known to be robust and durable. This is a cost-effective feature as you do not have to spend on repairs and frequent replacement. 

You need a reliable garage door that not only ensures your safety but also offers comfort and convenience when entering or exiting your property. You will be hard-pressed to find fault with roller garage doors, as they are made to last and offer you more solid protection than regular sectional doors.