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We don't have a particularly large garage, and we do anything we can to try and conserve space. The old garage door had quite a wide swinging hinge, which meant there was a large area where we could not store anything. We have recently switched to a slimline garage door, which rolls up overhead and has a much smaller profile overall. Not only do we have more space, but the new garage door also looks great and has made the whole garage look nicer. This blog is all about new options for garage doors with slimline profiles and modern styling.

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Slimline garage doors

How to Get a Roller Door Repair Specialist

by Tyrone Cooper

A broken roller door should not be the cause of so much trouble if you have a roller door repair specialist on speed dial.  If not, this is probably the first time you have encountered problems with the door. Getting the right person for the job is as important as getting the job done right.

The good news is that it will only take you a few minutes to get the contact details of a door repair professional within your locality. Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you're looking to hire a roller door repair specialist.

Opt for a Repair Company

As you search for contact details of repair specialists around you, you will notice that you can either hire a repair specialist through a roller door repair company or you can hire an individual who works on their own. Specialists who offer repair services on their own as referred to as independent contractors.

Hiring through a repair company is advantageous because you do not have to worry about performing a background check on the repair specialist. This is because their employer will have done this already.

Use Social Media

Social networking websites have become a great marketing tool for all kinds of repair specialists. You can take advantage of this as you search for the right person to repair your roller door. One of the best ways to use social networking sites in your search for a door repair specialist is to use them as an avenue for getting independent, non-biased reviews about repair door specialists.

However, a large number of people take to social networking sites to vent their frustrations when they have an unpleasant experience with a repair specialist.

Talk With Door Suppliers and Manufacturers

Roller door supplier can also be of immense help when there's need for repairs. In many instances, roller door suppliers often have in-house repair technicians. If not, the supplier will definitely be in a position to recommend a trustworthy door repair specialist based on the fact that they have worked with the particular specialist many times in the past.

Alternatively, you can also get a proper recommendation for a roller door repair specialist from the door manufacturer. This can be quite helpful if the manufacturer has a service outlet next to where you live.

Remember that a broken roller door poses a significant threat to your safety. Getting it fixed as soon as possible is paramount. Contact a professional who works with roller doors